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At Axia Media, we go beyond the conventional role to empower real estate investors with high-quality inbound leads and robust back-end system development.

Ready To Scale Past 7 Figures?

At Axia Media, we go beyond the conventional role to empower your business with high-quality inbound leads and robust back-end system development. We specialize in crafting efficient automation and follow-up sequences tailored to the real estate industry. Our approach integrates real estate and marketing education, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive landscape. With Axia Media, you gain more than a service provider; you gain a partner dedicated to elevating your business to new heights.

Don't listen to guru's on YouTube giving outdated advices.

The problem

Most Investors are facing

Most investors rely on unpredictable channels… They haven't found yet a proven acquisition system that works and brings in qualified and motivated off-market sellers with demand and predictability


    Low motivation leads through cold calling and texting


    Outdated softwares with glitchy workflows.


    It takes 10+ Follow-ups to close a deal, you need the right systems to automate that.


    An inbound lead is required to be called with 5 minutes, most investors are unable to.


    It’s a tough business and you need a team in your corner to make sure you stay on track.


    Need an experienced Investor to show them the ins and out of this business.


Our team of certified media buyers has over 15 years of experiences running Paid ads campaigns for real estate and with over $5M in yearly ad spent under management we have the track record to back up our claims.

We run ads on:


Investors and Wholesalers are leaving millions on the table every year by having an ineffective strategy to retarget their website visitors.


When you become a partner, you can leave the tech stuff to us and focus on building relationships with your clients and closing more deals.

The money is in the follow up and we have built an advanced AI System to make sure you never miss an opportunity.

Our REI Navigator system includes:

AI Assistant



Sales automations


Drip campaigns


Live masterclasses
Live Q&A calls
REI University
Online community

What your "traditional ad agency" doesn't want you to know

The Solution

At Axia Media, we understand that lead generation is only part of the equation. That's why we developed a comprehensive system that guides investors and agents from inbound leads to closing.

See your leads in one place

Meet Jarvis, your new

AI Assistant

Leveraging AI technology is essential in today's business landscape, and without it, you might be missing key opportunities. Click below to learn more

AI Technology

Leveraging AI technology is essential in today's business landscape, and without it, you might be missing key opportunities. That's why we've developed our AI assistant Jarvis designed to simplify and streamline processes. Jarvis is the ultimate real estate assistant, adept at booking appointments, qualifying leads, and capturing website visitors. In fact, many of our clients find Jarvis so efficient that they no longer need a lead manager. Jarvis is an integral part of the REI Navigator operating system, offering a seamless and advanced experience.

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Jarvis AI Capabilities

Appointment setting
Website chatbot
Follow up sequences
Database reactivation
Rewrite templates

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From almost stopping Wholesaling to 4.8X ROI in 30 days

Redha L.

Wholesaler in South Florida

From inconsistent lead flow with Cold calling to spending $10k on FB Ads and making 65k in Profit in 90 days

Robert. B

Investor and Realtor in Houston TX

From 3 deals per month to 11 deals per month in LESS than 4 months

Sebastian A.

Wholesaler in Florida and North Carolina

A 450% ROI with Facebook ads in 120 days

Sam W.

Nationwide Wholesaler & Creative investor

We stand behind

Our word

If you follow our recommendations and you don’t close

at least 1 deal within 90 days

We will work for FREE until you do.

Our Growth Package

1/1 onboarding zoom call

Ad account setup

Facebook page and IG setup

Campaigns setup and launch

Ad creatives & Ad copies

Pixel setup

REI University

Contracts & Templates

Weekly Group coaching calls

Private community

Custom Ads with your branding

Dedicated account manager

Monthly 1/1 strategy zoom call

1/1 slack channel

Weekly reports

Multiplatform advertising

Retargeting campaigns

Lead qualification & appointment setting

24/7 Tech support (chatbot)

Jarvis AI Assistant

REI Navigator system

Landing page

List of 110k verified cash buyers

Other Agencies

What they don't want you to know:

❌ No real estate experience

❌Very little communication

❌No transparency after you sign up.

❌Lock you up in 6 months contracts

❌You don't own the system

❌Same ads being recycled

❌Basic CRM with unproven automations

❌No coaching and No community